2014-2016 Manager product development

IQ Products, Groningen, the Netherlands

Key R&D leadership position at a biotech company focused on the development of novel in vitro diagnostics such as hematologic assays and flow cytometry tests according to ISO13485.



• Led research projects and stability studies.

• Formulated and optimized IVD assay buffer conditions and supervised testing, resulting in       optimal reagent composition ensuring robust product performance.

• Initiated and led clinical studies, confirming the performance of novel diagnostic tests.

• Reviewed scientific literature, resulting in novel research leads and improving scientific and

  technological level of R&D team.

• Approved QC results as head QC, maintaining overall product quality.

• Authored key company patents, protecting important company IP.

• Wrote product information and technical documents.

• Presented company research data at international conferences, resulting in multiple novel

  business leads.

• Partnered with QA department for writing and review of quality documents.

• Involved in running the company as a member of the management team, improving overall